Tuesday, June 22, 2010

top 50 etsy moms

Babble.com: "Top 50 Etsy Moms"

Etsy.com is a booming hub for artists all around the world to sell their handmade products, consequently creating a community bursting with creativity and ingenuity. It’s a place to find unique treasures that directly supports some of the most talented individuals and their crafts. Not surprisingly, many of these artists, dreamers, designers and builders are moms like us. They’re balancing the day-to-day parenting responsibilities — sometimes with another day job, sometimes as a single mom — while still squeezing in time for their growing business. (This is where naps and bed times come in handy.) And they’re not just doing it for the money; they’re utilizing this creative outlet while teaching their children the value of artistry, resourcefulness and determination.

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