Tuesday, February 8, 2011

teen tix

From SoundsFunMom: What’s the tip? How about seeing live theater, concerts, ballet, and more for 5.00! The Seattle Center has an amazing program called Teen Tix, and it allows teens 13-18 to become serious culture vultures for just 5.00. All they have to do is get a free Teen Tix pass and then buy tickets to the program they’re interested in. These are rush tickets, which means if a show sells out, they won’t be able to get in. I’m guessing this doesn’t happen often, but the easy solution is to call the night before and purchase then! Unfortunately, only teens can get in at this rate, so if you think yours still need a chaperone, you’ll have to pay full freight. I’m thinking you could drop your trustworthy teen and go enjoy a great meal somewhere…..really, doesn’t the crowd at the symphony sound like a better bet than the mall? I thought so.

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