Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Review: Great Play (Kenmore)

Great Play is a "Unique New Gym for Kids"

Their locations are franchised, and offer classes similar to a Little Gym or Gymboree. I say "similar" but I think they are better. We took them up on a FREE introductory class at the Kenmore location. It was fabulous. The focus is more on sport, less on play. The format is more free-flowing and open. It was also nice to see MALE teachers - and there were (3) teachers for our one class, which was great. Stations are set up, but you are free to roam - so less waiting (which is not easy with a 1.5 year old).

We met the owner (Robyn) and she was fabulous. No hard sell. She even gave us coupons for a free coffee at the kid-friendly coffee shop within walking distance. And there is a small gym - so plenty of Momportunities for those who have kids old enough to drop off. Classes aren't cheap - but I highly recommend taking a FREE TRIAL CLASS at your local franchise to see for yourself!

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