Monday, February 7, 2011

IXL - where the math journey begins!

IXL is a membership based online math program practice environment that rewards hard work and encourages students to learn from their mistakes, and move through new challenges at their own pace. There's no feeling that can match mastering a skill on IXL, since it comes with the satisfaction of knowing you really do “get it.”

However, they do have great FREE "practice" sections where you can work with/quiz your kids on their current skill sets to help determine if they are keeping up and/or meeting state standards! Great for general homework help and WASL prep.

* Pre-K skills
* Kindergarten skills
* First-grade skills
* Second-grade skills
* Third-grade skills
* Fourth-grade skills
* Fifth-grade skills
* Sixth-grade skills
* Seventh-grade skills
* Eighth-grade skills
(more coming soon)

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