Wednesday, September 22, 2010

jack and jill sale

Jack & Jill's fall sale will be held at the Carol Edwards Center in downtown Woodinville on October 1 & 2, 2010.

Ready, Set ... Shop!

If you haven't shopped a consignment sale before you are going to have a lot of fun ... if you have shopped a consignment sale before you know just how fun this is! It's all about finding just what you were looking for at a great price and also finding those unexpected items you just couldn't pass up.

* Shopping for the general public will open on Friday, October 1st from 9am-5pm, and Saturday, October 2nd from 9am-3pm. Make sure you arrive early to get the best deals!
* We accept cash, credit and debit cards—no checks will be accepted. There will be a 0.75 convenience charge on all credit and debit transactions.
* Our discount sale is on Saturday from noon-3pm. Any items whose tags say, "Discount: Yes" will be 50% off for the final hours of the sale.
* We do not have shopping carts, but we will have some reusable shopping bags you can use while shopping. We encourage you to bring your own reusable shopping bags, totes or even a laundry basket for all the great items you'll find.
* All strollers, diaper bags, infant carriers, etc. will be tagged upon entry for security reasons. We will also be checking all bags and strollers upon departure for security.
* All sales final.

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