Wednesday, July 28, 2010

cd review: "time out to rock" by the not its

"Time Out to Rock" is the latest kindie (yes, it’s an actual term) musical offering from the Not Its. This band knows their audience, and they know how to rock. Their music is perfect for the pre-tween set (I believe we are currently on Gen Z?). Think somewhere after Elmo and before Justin Beiber. But this music is so real - with hints of 70s punk and 80s pop – that if you missed a few lyrics, could easily be mistaken for anything off your local independent radio station.

From the daily injustices of youth ("Accidentally") to getting along ("Say It Loudly") to the awkwardness of trying to fit in ("Welcome To Our School"), they speak the truth and in a way kids will understand. The title track is the standout. Not a song for parents – it’s an anthem from the "Not It's" for little ears only (hint: the parents are put on time-out, not the kids).

There are a lot of kindie bands around, and the genre is flourishing. There are well-attended festivals. TIME Magazine recently wrote about the phenomenon (read the article here). But The Not Its stand out for several reasons. They have a knack for speaking directly to what kids care about. Their music is complex and genuine. But an added bonus is the lead singer of this particular band is a girl (okay, woman). And there is no better role model for young girls than seeing one of their own take the lead.

As the song "Some Things Only Kids Can See" implies..."Time Out to Rock"' might be an album only kids can really hear - but parents won't mind playing it in the car one bit!

Note: PiggyBank was given a complimentary CD in the "hopes" they might write an honest review...and we have! :)

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