Saturday, November 27, 2010

My Favorite Santa....

Westwood Village in West Seattle has him. We had a free late morning due to a funky nap schedule and went on the first day. No line whatsoever (typical of the first weekend). We brought donated canned goods and got 3-4 free photos. I personally think he is the most authentic Santa around, the backdrop is gorgeous and they are very patient. They are located across from the 24 hour Fitness, down the breezeway from Bed Bath & Beyond (in the old Zales shop). You can pick up your digital photos (free prints or I believe you can buy a cheap CD ROM) a few days later at nearby Rite Aid there.

Sneak peek into this year's "Santa's Village"

If you want to beat the lines, save $$, and support a good cause - here's your chance!

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